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Long before earth or mortals, the race of Angels were the perfect slaves to the universe. Decisions were only made based on duty and purpose and never for any other reason conceivable. Upon the creation of the corporeal world and mortals, a new concept was introduced to the Cosmos and to all of existence: Morality.

Morality destroyed fate and gave birth to the new concept of
choice. Where now a life is no longer measured by its eagerness to perform its duty, but instead by choices and past experiences. A once permanently stable existence was shattered and overtaken by chaos. Control was needed.

Because the choirs of Angels were the unquestioning servants of the Cosmos, they were elected to restore order to the universe. At first, at least, everything was brought back to neutrality, but soon after the plague of morality soon spread to even the most resilient beings of all, and split the celestial immortals into two groups: Divine and Fallen.

The Balance System[]

As an Angel, it is your sacred duty to bring the Cosmic Alignment
into your favor. There are a variety of ways you can do this.

You may also check the current status of the Cosmic Balance and
all the respective parts with the balance command.

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