3scapes Angel Wiki

These are the various utility commands you can use to set various guild aspects and view others.

You may type commandlist to see all of your available commands.

(As a note the # would not work in the format below, so I had to put Commands. It should read {C:#})



Commands:(#), =, Aansi, Abrief, Abug, Aenter, Aexit, Afeats, Afinger, Aidea, Angels, Angels2, Asave, Ascore, Autostatus, Balance, Commandlist, Discipline, Eevil, Egood, Eomni, Evil, Good, Hide, Hp, Hpbar, Info, Keeptitle, Kstats, Lastrite, Lstats, Omni, Powerlist, Ppreservation, Preservation, Pstats, Psubconscious, Rate, Rcost, Show, Sstats, Subconscious, Toplist, Toplist2