These are the various utility commands you can use to set various guild aspects and view others.

You may type commandlist to see all of your available commands.

(As a note the # would not work in the format below, so I had to put Commands. It should read {C:#})



Commands:(#), =, Aansi, Abrief, Abug, Aenter, Aexit, Afeats, Afinger, Aidea, Angels, Angels2, Asave, Ascore, Autostatus, Balance, Commandlist, Discipline, Eevil, Egood, Eomni, Evil, Good, Hide, Hp, Hpbar, Info, Keeptitle, Kstats, Lastrite, Lstats, Omni, Powerlist, Ppreservation, Preservation, Pstats, Psubconscious, Rate, Rcost, Show, Sstats, Subconscious, Toplist, Toplist2

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