3scapes Angel Wiki

The Divine Angels, the original spiritual beings before time was
time, were the upholders of Cosmic Balance, ensuring that everything
in existence had an equal and opposite counterpart. They brought
light into the darkness and heat into the cold, serving justice to
anyone or anything who would dare try to stray the course of life.

However, with the creation of the material or "corporeal world",
and furthermore, with the creation of mankind, a new concept was
released upon the universe: morality. With this new found
self-awareness, a new world of selfish desires emerged.

Those of the Divine who wished to be rewarded for their duty
became discontent and sought their own form of retribution for this
"injustice": anger, greed and spite. Thus, evil was born.

These Angels, no longer the beings of Purity and Light, were known
as 'The Fallen.' A celestial war between the two factions ensued for
a time too long to describe in written language or spoken tongue.