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What is an Angel? Over the millenia of mortal history, Angels have

been known by many names. Some have worshipped them, called them
Gods, even. The Angels are the mediators between life and death, and
because mortals can not see beyond their own existence, they marvel
at what they do not understand.

Angels were probably not the first race to be created, though they

are an ancient one, created an insurmountable amount of time before
Earth. We are the source of both inspiration and doubt, the muses of
song and story, and the objects of fear and bewilderment.

Every species has worshipped us and all in their own way and given

us their own name. The Egyptians inscribed tales of our efforts into
hieroglyphics. The Greeks and Romans called us "Gods" and told epic
stories of our adventurers. The modern races see us as messengers
and think of us as divine versions of themselves. This is convenient
for us, because as time has passed we have learned that blending
makes our duty much easier to carry out.

The truth is, we are the guardians of Balance and we protect the

Cosmos, ensuring that it does not become too chaotic or too
mechanical. And that duty is perhaps the most important, because
should we decide not to perform it, this beautiful realm would
quickly fall and turn to ruin. It has happened before.

We are the Mediators of Heaven and Hell, guiding lost spirits to

the spirit plane, once they have passed beyond their mortal coil.
We are immortal, an ancient race of pure power, and will never allow
ourselves to be trifled with.

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