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One of the simplest, basic ideas of morality is the concept of good,

versus evil. Embodiments of Good, The Divine and embodiments of Evil,
The Fallen, are spiritual Angels that while once brothers and sisters
of a divine purpose were pitted against each other in a war of
Heaven and Hell.

The Fallen Army, comprised of former Divine Angels who had become

self aware and sought fairness and equality for their efforts, were
banished from their Holy grace. In spite of this, they desire the
fall of the Divine more than anything else in existence.

Battles raged on millenia after millenia, not to end each other's

lives because this is a mortal concept, but for complete control
and domination of Heaven and the universe. He who has control over
these has control over any sentient beings in existence.

Because death is impossible for an immortal, the direct assault

on The Divine was never entirely successful. Now, however, with the
birth of mortals and their morality, The Fallen have discovered a
new way to dominate their former brethren: through the hearts of
man. If the souls of mortals could be swayed to evil, the delicate
balance would be shattered and the Cosmos would find itself suffering
from the tyranny of darkness and evil forever.

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