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So, you just joined the guild and you want to get out and start

gxp'ing while you read all the info files. This is the file you
should read first so you can accomplish that.

Here is a brief summary of what you need to do to become combat


First, you'll want to grab some gear and most importantly, a

weapon. You won't gain guild experience by punching and your healing
at such a small size is very limited, so some armour will help too.
If you don't have any armour or friends, a set of guild equipment
can be purchased from your subguild's guild armory, inside the

There are three major things of importance involving early Angel

combat: powers, spirits and transfigurations. You can check your
available guild commands with commandlist and available powers
with powerlist. Next, each spirit you invoke will increase your
capabilities in a certain guild aspect, but as for starting out, the
default spirit you start out with (your subguild spirit) should do
just fine. Third, as you get bigger your pool of available transfigs
will grow, but for now you should use your halo or shadowflame,
(depending on if you're Divine or Fallen), to which you can activate
by typing show halo or show shadowflame.

These transfigurations are cheap to sustain and are more efficient

at healing your health pools at this point. They are also a light
source which can be a nice side perk.

Should you need a bigger hp heal, you can use call to summon the

spirit of Vitalis to regenerate you. You do this with the refresh power.
Be careful though, as this can be expensive at smaller sizes and if
you run out of essence, your halo or shadowflame will automatically
shut off as well.

Once your health and essence are depleted, you can either run

back to the guild and find a consecrated room to regenerate in. If
you run low on mental power (sp), then you may use focus to regenerate

Now that you're set up for combat, you can begin reading the info

files which will help explain a great deal about the guild.
info faq will help you get a more in depth feel of the guild
mechanics and info powers will help get you started on those.
Finally, one of the most important things to research first is
the discipline system (info discipline). These 'skills' will greatly
increase your power in different ways, and some will even unlock
other abilities and/or improve existing abilities.

Good luck and enjoy your time in the Angel guild!

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