3scapes Angel Wiki
1.) Respect your guildmates. Cheer their achievements too!
2.) Nothing horribly profane on the guild lines. If someone
    is offended, take the conversation elsewhere or end it.
3.) Do not abuse Possession. If you find a sneaky way to do
    something with a monster that you even feel might be
    interpreted as wrong, don't do it. Then ask Phoenix or
    a guild admin.
4.) Enthrall: see above.
5.) Intersubguild PK is looked down upon. In SimPK, anything goes,
    but if there is a choice between attacking a mortal or an
    Angel, the mortal should always die first!
Ignorance is no excuse. Breaking these rules will cause your

powers to be disabled, guild object to be disabled or you to be
removed from the guild as deemed necessary.

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