3scapes Angel Wiki
Your mud stats greatly affect your combat capability as an Angel.

Often, guilds want you to have to figure out how each statistic
affects you and occasionally a statistic will not affect you at all.
In the Angel guild, every statistic affects something, and so how
you raise them should reflect your individual style of play.

The rcost command could act as a good guide if you're not sure

how you want to advance. Also, let it be known that for the most
part, the effect of any stat should be fairly obvious by its
definition alone. Here are some hints to help you figure out how
you want to build your Angel.


The greater your strength, the greater force you will have behind
your physical form.


The more solid your constitution, the greater your will to survive
and the greater the durability in your physical form.


The more intelligent you are, the easier you will find ways to
subjugate those whose will you've already broken.


Knowledge gained through experience will help you to become better
at a variety of things.


The more dextrous you are, the faster and easier your physical body
will be.


The greater the effect you have on others, the easier they will
succumb to your will.

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