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Unbound by the laws and restrictions of the mortal plane, spirits of all types freely roam the spiritual plane. Beings of pure energy, for lack of a better term, their power is limitless in their natural dimension.


Each living being requires the five spirits to exist, its body created by Terra and powered by Lumen. Its lifeforce breathed in by Vitalis and finally, its choices bound by the order of Ultionis and the chaos of Furor.

Angels, the immortal beings of the Cosmos, are chosen to cross the gap between the spiritual and mortal realms. Through immense and rigorous concentration, an Angel may manifest their essence within the realm of life or, should they wish, the essence of a willing spirit.

Invoking a Guardian Spirit is an incredibly important task and can only be done in the Spirit plane inside the guild hall.

Be warned though, calling upon the spirits to do your bidding will drain you quickly of your essence on this plane.


Before you venture out into the 'Scapes as an Angel you're going to want to 'invoke' a spirit in the guild hall. This serves a number of different functions. First of all, whichever spirit you invoke will determine which strengths you manifest in combat. The help file above hints at the strengths of each spirit, but following the links below will give you the specifics of each one. Additionally, you can only improve a discipline if you are invoking the spirit that it is controlled by. So, to raise Sanatio you need to be invoking Vitalis, and to raise Duro you'd need to be invoking Terra, etc.

It is worth noting that some confusing exists between enhancing with a spirit and invoking it. Enhancing with a spirit grants you a bonus to the physical/social/mental attribute governed by that spirit. You do not have to be invoking a spirit to enhance with it. For example, I could be invoking Vitalis and still enhance with Terra to receive a bonus to my constitution.


Invoking, Furor, Lumen, Terra, Ultionis, Vitalis