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The hpbar command will allow you to personally configure your hp

bar. You can configure it to spit out whatever you like, and substitue variables for important status bits.

The current variables are:
$HP$        - Health
$HPMAX$     - Max Health
$PHP$       - Possession Health
$PHPMAX$    - Max Possession Health
$SP$        - Mental
$SPMAX$     - Max Mental 
$ESS$       - Essence
$ESSMAX$    - Max Essence
$DHP$       - Delta Health
$DSP$       - Delta Mental Will
$DESS$      - Delta Essence
$DPHP$      - Delta Possession Health
$GXP$       - Next Station (XX%)
$GXP1$      - Next Station (XX.X%)
$GXP2$      - Next Station (XX.XX%)
$GXP3$      - Next Station (XX.XXX%)
$SOUL$      - Soul Charge
$RELE$      - Soul Charge Release Rate
$REFR$      - Refresh Rate
$ENH$       - Spiritual Enhancement 
$POS$       - Possessed Being
$SPEC$      - Consecrate/Desecrate
$TFIG$      - Shown Transfigurations
$SPIR$      - Invoked Spirit
$DISC$      - Discipline Focus
$SPIR2$     - Invoked Spirit (short)
$DISC2$     - Discipline Focus (short)
$NME$       - Enemy Status
$COINS$     - Carried Gold
$NL$        - New Line

For example:

hpbar @higreen:HP:@ $HP$/$HPMAX$

...will look like this...

HP: 105/150


       hpbar <vars>
       hpbar default

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