3scapes Angel Wiki
Upon the creation of the mortals, it was decided that the already

ancient and more powerful race of Angels would be their overseers.
We, as Angels, have watched over the lesser races since the dawn
of their young existence.

The true Angel form is too powerful to be displayed in its

entirety on the corporeal plane, as energy must be bound to prevent
destruction in such a world. So, at first, we were granted the gift
off possession. Bodies were created, lifeless shells, to respond
to our will as we saw fit. However, no body is designed to exist
without a soul and therefore the bodies were tediously created and
easily cast aside.

Once we became accustomed to the new world, however, we learned to

harness the essence of the world itself, drawing upon pre-existing
material and energy to create the image of a living body, making
our tasks on Earth easier to accomplish.

Our capability to control a mortal body, however, was never lost.

It is a difficult and strenuous process, to squelch the minds and
souls of the bodies we possess, but it is possible. Those possessed
by the Divine are lucky to give their lives in sacrifice to good and
those unlucky enough to be possessed by the Fallen... well... death
is simply a part of mortality.

A soul is not completely defenseless, however. A possessed being

will constantly be trying to retake control over its body, and after
enough rebellion, they will gain enough strength to accomplish this.

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