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An angel may call upon a Guardian Spirit to protect them from its specialized elements. Praemunio is the ability to make the most efficient use of each of the spirits' conjured elements of protection.

Praemunio is passive and will always be affecting you.

Plain Speak:[]

This is one of the most straight forward files you'll read, but experimentation has revealed some additional information. Each Guardian Spirit protects against two specific damage types, outlined in the chart below. Raising the praemunio discipline of each guardian spirit will increase your passive AC to those damage types in both celestial and possessed bodies.

Praemunio Protection Types
Guardian Spirit Damage Type
Terra Edged
Vitalis Poison
Lumen Energy
Furor (Fallen) Fire
Ultionis (Divine) Ice

All ten damage types are represented here, though each angel only has access to four spirit types and consequently eight resistances.


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