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Over time, many theories have come to try and explain the shadow,

a black twin mimicking your every movement and following you, no
matter what path you take. There is much more to the shadow than
a simple "lack of light." Evil lurks in the darkness, to go
unnoticed as it carries out its sinister plan.

Darkness too holds the properties of light, but only those who are

truly evil and have mastered it, can manipulate its properties. They
can cause it to reflect the colors of everything it touches, much as
light does. This effect causes the shadow to flicker and shine and
as such, is known as the Shadow Flame.

Just as bathing in pure warm light may soothe one of the Divine,

bathing in the Flame of Shadows will help regenerate one of the

"I wouldn't trust my own shadow."
~ Azazel, Demon of Mischief

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